How do I apply?

Apply online. Go to and click on the apply here button. This will lead you through our application process and screening. If you are a fit for KLL you will get an interview with a KLL staff member to initiate the process of training and documentation acquisition. 

Do I have to pay for accommodations in China?

Yes. You will be responsible for paying for your accommodations in China. You will have support from a staff member at the Learning Center you will be working at. And the first 5 days you will be put up in a Hotel until you find a place. 

Do I get paid in Canadian Dollars?

No. You get paid in RMB, or Chinese Yuan, the exchange rate is around 4 to 1 CND. 

Will I have support in securing the proper documentation?

Yes. Let KLL take care of all your needs in securing a working Visa and flights to China.

What kind of commitment do I have to make?

One Year. KLL requests that you make a 1 year commitment with the chance to grow this into more years. Bonus and flight reimbursements are based on the completion of a 1 year contract.